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06.24.05 : Updated with a new piece of fanart by Hikari. It's really well done, especially considering that it was done completely in MS Paint! MS Paint artists deserve a lot of love. (: Also updated the links page as more and more sites disappear...

01.04.05 : Happy 2005! Updated with a new piece of fanart by Trudy. It's extremely cute. ^^ Don't forget that you can send in your own fanart to kairiAT27namesDOTorg!!

12.21.04 : My old email account expired quite some time ago and I didn't realize that I still had it linked here, so I went through all the pages and changed the email address links. Apologies to anyone who's tried to email me in the past few months and has gotten the mail bounced back! The new email address for anything related to this site is [ kairi @ 27names . org ]. Everything should be running smoothly again. I also ran through the links list; lots of sites have closed or disappeared! How sad. ): Hopefully I'll be able to manage a more comprehensive update sometime in the near future.

01.01.04 : Oathkeeper's ringing in the new year with a major update and a new layout! Updates sections of the site include (but are not limited to): biography, future, gallery, wallpapers, fanart, and links.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to my mail program crashing, I have lost most of the fanart and affliate requests that were sent to me in the past six months or so. If you sent me fanart and would like to see it on the site, please resubmit! If you asked to be an affiliate, please email me again! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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