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Welcome to Culture Collision, the Kingdom Hearts fanlisting! We are proud to link to 6595 KH fans! This fanlisting was last updated on 30th July 2014.

What is Kingdom Hearts? ;;

Kingdom Hearts is a hilarious, engaging, and beautiful video game for the Playstation 2. It was created by Squaresoft with Disney Interactive. Basically, it's an action RPG (role-playing game) that combines the worlds of Final Fantasy and Disney.

The game stars Sora, a 14-year-old boy from Destiny Islands who goes on a magical quest to find his friends after evil creatures called the Heartless invade his home. He discovers that he is the master of the "Keyblade," a key/sword that can seal worlds off from the invading Heartless. He joins forces with Goofy, Donald, and various other Disney characters on the course of his journey. For more information, visit Square's official Kingdom Hearts site.

What is a fanlisting? ;;

A fanlisting is basically a site that brings together fans of something so they can express their love for it. I love Kingdom Hearts, because it's a combination of two of my favorite things: Final Fantasy and Disney. Also, it's an incredible game all by itself. If you, too, want to express your love for Kingdom Hearts, join!

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